1   What personality do British Shorthairs have?  Do they need a lot of attention? Are they loud cats? Will  my furniture be safe?

  Of course the British Shorthair is the best cat breed in the world:-)
We hope you already know that they are quiet cats with pleasant temper. They usually wonít  spoil your furniture (if you don't forget to buy a scratching post, of course) and you can rarely hear their voice. They don't need too much attention. You can leave your British cat alone for a day without problems. Even occasional longer absence should be OK. Just feed him or her fresh food once a
day or ask somebody who will do it for you (and there always must be freshwater too). British Shorthair is a good company for any people with any life style.



2  Do you require a deposit?

It is a good idea to send a deposit for reserving the kitten for you. If there is more than one kitten available we offer the right of choice in the order we receive deposits so if you definitely want a kitten it's better to send it early. On the other hand, the deposit is not refundable so if you have not made your mind completely you can wait till the kittens grow up and choose a particular kitten from those which are still available.


 3 Male or female?

It is difficult to advise which one is better: male or female. In fact we don't notice much difference in their personalities. Males are bigger and lazier than females; some people believe they are more affectionate.
Both males and females of this breed are very smart, friendly and will be a prefect companion for any family. People who took kittens from our cattery wrote us that they were very happy with females and males alike.


4 Do your kittens have vaccination?

Our kittens have all vaccinations appropriate for their age and we provide a health guarantee in our sales contract.


5  We have a family member with allergy. Is it safer to adopt a shorthair kitten?

 Although British Shorthairs are considered a low allergy risk breed there are no "allergy-free cats" so if anybody in your household can be allergic to animals we donít recommend adopting a kitten. If any of your friends are allergic to animals they should be prepared to bring an allergy medication when they visit you.




6 Where can I find information about British Shorthairs

 I recommend visiting the following links